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Say goodbye to diapers without all the drama using our laid-back, loving, and foolproof approach!

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Overcoming potty resistance is a cinch with our relaxed, easy-to-follow  plan

Empower your toddler

Watch your child's confidence soar with big-hearted strategies that actually work!

Backed by Science

Our methods are grounded in cutting-edge research, backed by firsthand experience, and  pediatrician-approved.

No More Bootcamp Failures

No more pressuring kids to perform. Replace control and punishment with trust and respect. 


Ditching diapers is a cinch with our relaxed, easy-to-follow  approach

Don't Miss Preschool Deadlines

Replace confusion with confidence with our quick, easy, and proven methods.

Empower your toddler
Watch your child's confidence soar with big-hearted strategies that actually work!

Backed by Science  

Our methods are rooted in the latest research and designed to deliver results. 

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Are you ready to swap stress for success? 

No fluff, just facts.

Let's dig into the enduring benefits of our laid-back, loving approach:


✔ Strengthens parent-child bond

 Just because it's laid-back doesn't mean it takes long 

 Fewer behavioural problems

✔ No forceful or intrusive tactics.

✔ No bootcamp failures

Backed by a pediatrician's expertise 

Fewer pooping problems

Empowers your toddler with confidence, independence, decision-making and body awareness!


Diaper-Free, Easy as 1-2-3



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Ditch Diapers for Good 


"Being laid-back didn't mean slower. Thanks to this approach, we said goodbye to diapers in no time!” 

- Hilary.

“I was shocked how well this worked. I didn't want the bootcamp style but I also didn't want this to stretch on forever. My son was diaper-free within a week.” 

- Jan, a happy mom.

“After 7 failed attempts, I tried the laid-back approach. My son was diaper-free after a few days without any pushback! I tell everyone to get this course.”

- Pam

“It’s a game-changer. I saw results right away”

— Sandy S

“Potty training was easier than I expected thanks to Potty Training Made Easy.” 

- Nicole H.

“I was dreading potty training. But it was so easy. I felt confident and prepared after taking this course.” 

- Risa T.

“Potty training was actually stress-free due to this program!”

- Molly K.


Your one-stop shop for everything you'll need to glide through the process!


Here's a peak at what's inside:

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. 

The potty training method matters. Understand how laid-back and loving potty training benefits both you and your child. (tears of joy only!)

The Potty Prep Process 

Must-Do’s before starting that will allow you to simply glide through the process.

Goodbye Diapers, Hello Success.

Say goodbye to pressure, punishment, and piddles and hello to success.

Accidents Are A Good Thing. No, Seriously!

Master ways to turn inevitable misses into positive experiences. 

Happy Tushies

Pediatrician-endorsed strategies for relaxed pooping, even for those little hiders!

More Tips For The Tricky Parts 

How to handle all those common potty training questions and struggles

 Here's What You Get When You Enroll

  • A relaxed experience that strengthens the bond with your child

  • Easy to implement strategies so you know exactly what to do and say in every potty situation.

  • Bite-sized videos for busy parents— 5 minutes or less.

  • Printable PDFs, checklists, scripts, and resource guides.  

  • A 20-page Potty Training Made Easy Handbook: You'll have this handy reference guide at your side throughout the entire potty training journey, making each step easier to navigate.

  • The course is yours to refer back to whenever needed, with no time limit. It's always there for a quick refresh or deep dive, as you like.

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee!



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Oh, and I have some extra gifts for you! 



"3 Reasons Why Toddlers Don't Need Traditional Potty Training" Mini-Lesson.

Do we really need to lead toddlers through toilet-training? Just think about it: did you have to teach your little one to sit, crawl, or walk? Not really. The same logic applies to potty training. This mini-lesson will show you how stepping back can be beneficial and why you should let your child take the lead in this major milestone.  



"Potty Training Scripts" guide. 

Know exactly what to say in every hair-pulling potty situation. You can share this guide with all of your caretakers, so you're all on the same page. 



Our laid-back potty training approach won't turn your hair grey.

"I can't believe it only took 3 days." - Rebecca

“"Wow, I was skeptical about the no-pressure approach to potty training, but it worked like magic!" 🌟 — Carla

“HUGE WIN! "Thank you, Dr. Cathryn! Your no-pressure potty training approach was a lifesaver. No more battles, just smiles ." 🌟

— Nadia

"What a miracle! This course saved us after a bootcamp approach backfired. So grateful for the positive change it brought. Highly recommend!" 🌟 

— Penny

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The Burning Questions I’m Often Asked

A laid-back approach to potty training is the best way to ditch diapers without a hint of pushback!