Are You Ready To Feel Like The Best Mom Or Dad In The World?

. . . and walk away with the tools you need to manage tantrums, hitting, biting, picky eating, and any other tricky toddler situation thrown your way.


A Great Dentist Appointment For The First Time! "We prepped our son for our visit based on what we learned in Toddler’s Made Easy. It was a true game-changer." — Gail, 

Finally, My Husband and I Are On The Same Page "My husband and I listened to the tantrum lesson together and now we’re finally working like a team. This is a relief because we were fighting a lot." — Penny

Imagine how great  this would feel . . . 


✔️ Tantrums become a thing of the past.

✔️ You're out of the door in the mornings without needing to yell 5 times.

✔️ The iPad switches off effortlessly, no more nagging required 

✔️ You finally get a good night’s sleep free from lying next to the kids before they doze off.

✔️ Buckling up in the car is a snap, no more carrying necessary.

✔️Mealtimes are filled with joy, and even broccoli gets devoured occasionally.

Introducing . . . 

Toddlers Made Easy

Ever find yourself grappling with your toddler's puzzling behavior? You're not alone. That's why I've developed a one-of-a-kind course offering parenting strategies perfectly suited to your child's developmental stage.


Our approach isn't about becoming a pushover; it's about effectively managing those challenging behaviors while protecting your child's self-esteem.


Intrigued? Keep reading to explore how our big-hearted strategies can lead to remarkable changes in your toddler's behavior and your own stress levels.

 Hi there, I’m Dr. Cathryn 

Can I share a quick story?

Years ago, my family took a vacation to sunny Florida. We spent a wonderful day swimming and making sandcastles on the beach. After we spent an hour packing up, trying to get sand off of everyone, and trudging to the car, we decided to head off to a restaurant for dinner.

We ordered and got our food quickly. Innocently enough, my husband reached across the table and asked my son Max for a potato chip.

Suddenly, it was like a light switch flipped. Seemingly out of nowhere, Max took his right arm and swiped everything off the table — plates, cups, food all flying. And then he broke down and started hysterically crying. I can still feel the whole restaurant watching us.

As a pediatrician who's been in practice for 35 years and a mother to four wonderful children, I've had my fair share of experiences. I've been through the ups and downs, the joys and challenges that come with parenting. I've also navigated the tricky waters of the toddler stage. I'm still learning every day, and I'm here to share what I've learned along the way.


Tantrums Became Easier

(Almost Immediately)

I watched the course with my wife to be nice (I didn’t expect I would like it). But our son’s tantrums are so much easier to deal with that I’m now a believer.- Eric G

"I love the E.A.S.Y. method. It just works! Best parenting purchase ever."— Stella

“Went To Bed Without A Fuss!" WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  — Melanie R



In Their Shoes: Understanding Your Toddler's Perspective

Understand your toddler's emotions and needs to respond effectively. See life from their perspective to make sense of their behavior and become a better parent.


Are You Expecting Too Much Of Your Toddler?

Discover how to set age-appropriate expectations and learn strategies to manage your toddler's behavior more effectively. More realistic expectations of your toddler means fewer tantrums, power struggles, and pushback.


The Prevent Tears, Tirades, and Tantrums Toolbox

Get through the day without all the drama. Gain powerful tools and strategies to prevent unwanted behavior, such as hitting, meltdowns, pushback, and any tricky toddler moments that come your way. 


Handle Tantrums Like A Pro

Gain confidence in handling tantrums with our E.A.S.Y. system. Manage tantrums without losing your cool, protect your toddler's self-esteem, and avoid becoming a pushover.


The Happy Bedtime Gameplan

Discover an easy-to-follow bedtime routine that works! Learn a step-by-step gameplan that includes calming activities, setting the right environment, and effective communication techniques to ensure a peaceful bedtime. Say goodbye to bedtime battles and hello to restful nights.

And We Can’t Forget About the Bonus! 🎉


The Parent’s Problem Solver

Grab training and scripts so you know exactly what to say and do to handle everyday toddler stuff, like biting, hitting, bathtime woes, sharing, potty training, siblings squabbles, and more.

amazing bonus lesson:

Handle Tantrums In Tricky Places

Feel confident going out with your toddler on your own. In this bonus lesson, you'll learn practical strategies to handle tantrums in public places, making outings with your toddler stress-free.

Proven Strategies. Real Life Results.

Discover how everyday parents (just like you) are calmly managing tricky toddler moments. 



Learn from one of the world's most trusted pediatricians. 


Toddlers Made Easy



  • 6 gamechanging modules every toddler parent needs
  • Downloadable PDFS, guides you can share with all your caregivers
  • Bonus lesson on Reduce Tantrums In Tricky Places
  • Enroll in next 2 days and get fast-action bonus lessons:  Avoid The Picky Eater Trap and 7 Ways To Nurture Your Toddlers Hungry Little Mind.
  • Money back guarantee




  • Toddlers Made Easy course + Potty Training Made Easy course
  • Bonus lessons from both courses: Avoid The Picky Eater Trap + 7 Ways To Nurture Your Toddler's Hungry Little Mind + Potty Training Script Guide 
  • 20 page companion workbook for Potty Training Made Easy
  • Downloadable PDFs, Guides you can share with caretakers and daycare. 
  • Money back guarantee

No-Risk Guarantee!!

If you're not happy, I'm not happy! If you don't feel like this program has given you the confidence and tools you need within the first 30 days, you can email me any time for a no-questions-asked refund. (But hey, I'm all ears for feedback!) That's how confident I am that you will benefit from this program. Sound fair?


Easy To Digest, Anywhere, Anytime


Each lesson is bite-sized so you can watch or listen while you exercise, cook dinner, feed the baby, or drive in the car — whenever it works best for you. AND YES, YOU'LL LEARN NEW THINGS!


Zero Guesswork!

I’ve used these strategies in my busy pediatric office for more than 30 years. They’ve been effective with aggressive, shy, bold, timid, active, sensitive, defiant, speech delayed, and hyperactive kids.

It's the only course you'll need! 


There was an immediate improvement with tantrums. Just naming feelings has helped my spirited little guy express himself.”

— Deanna M.

“Thanks a ton for reassuring us parents (especially the first-timers). Bedtime is already so much easier.

— Gail H.

“I’m an MD and my husband is a PhD. I find it much easier to stay calm when I remember my toddler is just acting his age.”

— Molly P.

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