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Discover the secret to managing tricky toddler moments, and become the cool, confident parent you've always dreamed of being, without resorting to yelling, bribing, or time-outs.

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“Dr. Cathryn gives us a brand-new twist on solving problems with our kids.”

 - Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Before I tell you about this 
 pediatrician-approved online course

let’s talk about who this is really for...

 Are you tired of fighting over every little thing?

 Have you tried timeouts — then flipped and tried rewarding (aka bribing) — then back to timeouts again?

 Do you often feel embarrassed by your kid's behavior (and then feel guilty about feeling that way)?

 Do you just want the yelling to stop?

 Do you want answers you can trust (that actually work)? 


If you’re nodding your head “yes,” we can help with everything!


 Toddlers Made Easy

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"This program has helped so much! It’s a game-changer. I saw results right away — fewer and shorter tantrums."

 - Sandy S.

Hi there,

I’m Dr. Cathryn!

I’m a pediatrician with more than 30 years of experience. I’ve written two parenting books, The Parent Problem Solver and The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan. I’ve helped millions of families solve challenges at home. But what makes me uniquely qualified to speak on this subject is that I’m a mom (of 4 kids!) — and I’ve been in your shoes. 

Parenting is hard! 

And because I’ve been a doctor for so long, I’ve watched parenting theories come and go. But after three decades, I’ve witnessed first-hand what works — and what doesn’t even come close. 

And I'm excited to share this experience with you! 


“I watched the course with my wife to be nice (I didn’t expect I would like it). But our son’s tantrums are so much easier to deal with that I’m now a believer.

- Eric G

 By the end of this program, you’ll:


✔️ Know how to handle anything thrown your way

✔️ Become the sturdy leader of your home without relying on fear-based methods like screaming and time-outs

✔️ Know exactly what to do to prevent tantrums (and have a step-by-step plan to deal with them when they do happen)

✔️ Finally get a good night’s sleep — because all the methods I teach you can also be used for bedtime routines!

✔️ Keep your cool with tantrums (you can stop worrying about damaging your kids)

✔️ Enjoy mealtimes (no more begging to eat the broccoli).


 Yes, you can do this! 

I'll walk you through everything 


Four-year-old Bradley went to the dentist today without any problems for the first time.

"We prepped him for our visit based on what we learned in Toddler’s Made Easy. It was a true game-changer."

— Gail, Brad’s mom

“My husband and I listened to the tantrum lesson together and now we’re finally working like a team. This is a relief because we were fighting a lot during tantrums."

— Penny and J.J. 

"It wasn’t hard for my husband to trust this approach as tantrums became easier to handle almost immediately.”

— Ruth & Sam, parents of 3 under the age of 4

“WOW! My 3.5-year-old son, Tommy just went to bed without a fuss. We followed your steps exactly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Melanie R

Take A Peak Inside 

Toddlers Made Easy


Each lesson is bite-sized so you can watch or listen while you exercise, cook dinner, or drive in the car — whenever it works best for you. AND YES, YOU'LL LEARN NEW THINGS!

OMG, YES! $99

(time-limited offer)


“I’m Not Trying To Drive You Crazy”


Your toddler's behavior will make more sense when you look at life his way— and it will make you a better parent, and person.


Are You Expecting Too Much Of Your Toddler?


Developing more realistic expectations of your toddler means fewer tantrums, power struggles, and pushback.


The Prevent Tears, Tirades, and Tantrums Toolbox


Get through the day without all the drama. Learn powerful ways to prevent unwanted behavior. 



Handle Tantrums Like A Pro


Finally feel confident that you can handle tantrums while protecting your child's dignity.


The Happy Bedtime Gameplan


Discover an easy-to-follow bedtime routine that works!

And We Can’t Forget About the Bonuses! 🎉


The Parent’s Problem Solver

Grab training and scripts so you know exactly what to say and do to handle everyday toddler stuff, like biting, hitting, bathtime woes, sharing, potty training, siblings squabbles, and more.

extra lesson:

Handle Tantrums In Tricky Places


Feel confident going out with your toddler on your own. 

"I’m a more confident parent now. I’m getting out of the house more now thanks to your advice."

— Melanie R

I’ve used these strategies in my busy pediatric office for more than 30 years. They’ve been effective with aggressive, shy, bold, timid, active, lazy, sensitive, defiant — all kinds of children.


But with that said, if you don’t feel more confident or find toddler life easier to handle after going through the course, simply reach out at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you— no questions asked. (Although I’d love it if you provided me feedback on what didn’t work for you.)

It's the only course you'll need! 


Here’s a few commonly asked questions about Toddlers Made Easy:

There was an immediate improvement with tantrums. Just naming feelings has helped my spirited little guy express himself.”

— Deanna M.

“Thanks a ton for reassuring us parents (especially the first-timers). Bedtime is already so much easier.

— Gail H.

“I’m an MD and my husband is a PhD. I find it much easier to stay calm when I remember my toddler is just acting his age.”

— Molly P.