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Ditch diapers for good with our fast, fuss-free, and foolproof strategy

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Get on the fast track to a diaper-free life with our relaxed, reliable potty training approach

Ditching diapers is a cinch with our relaxed, easy-to-follow potty training approach 

Empower your toddler
(rather than overpower).

Watch your child's confidence soar with big-hearted strategies that actually work!

Feel less stressed

Replace confusion with confidence when you know exactly what to do.

Be the big-hearted parent you want to be.  

Use an approach that feels right with fewer power struggles and tears.

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I believe potty training can be enjoyable 

for both you and your little one.

Empower your toddler
(rather than overpower).

Increase body awareness, promote independence, and boost self-esteem.

Build confidence in
your parenting.

Take the pressure off and reduce your own personal stress and anxiety.

Strengthen your relationship with your child.

Short-term wins with long-term benefits build trust that lasts a lifetime.

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I get it. Parenting is already hard… throw in potty training, and it can feel downright overwhelming.

I know you want to be the rockstar parent of a potty trained toddler. To do that, you need no-pressure strategies that actually work. The problem is, most potty training methods rely on shame, fear, and punishment — which makes you feel hesitant to begin the process.

That’s why I’ve spent the last 3 decades helping parents just like you potty train with confidence. By meeting tricky toddler moments with love and kindness, you can keep your cool and show up as the big-hearted parent you want to be (and already are).

Potty training is easy when both you and your little one feel empowered. Here’s how my approach is unique:

  • I bring an overview of what needs to happen from both a psychological and medical perspective.
  • I’m committed to protecting your child’s self-esteem without allowing you to become a pushover.
  • 30+ years perfecting my program, with a proven track record of success
  • I’m a pediatrician and author of two parenting books… but more importantly, a mother of four. 
  • My approach blends the best of science + evidence-based practices with the heart of a mom.
  • I'll teach you easy yet effective potty training strategies that get results while protecting your toddler's self-esteem.


Let's do this together!

I Want A Big-Hearted Approach!

Wipe away your worries and flush this phase farewell.

It's time to get this potty started!

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Potty Train with Confidence


Ditch Diapers for Good

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"Potty training was so much easier than I expected.  These methods REALLY work.” 

- Nicole H.

“I was dreading potty training. But I felt confident and prepared after taking this course.” 

- Risa T.

Potty training was actually quick, simple, and stress-free! Thanks, dr. cathryn!”

- Molly K.

“It’s a game-changer. I saw results right away”

— Sandy S

“Potty training was easier than I expected thanks to Potty Training Made Easy.” 

- Nicole H.

“I was dreading potty training. But it was so easy. I felt confident and prepared after taking this course.” 

- Risa T.

“Potty training was actually stress-free due to this program!”

- Molly K.

Potty Training Made Easy includes
everything you’ll need to succeed:

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. 

The potty training method matters. Understand how big-hearted potty training benefits both you and your child.

The Potty Prep Process 

Must-Do’s before starting that will allow you to simply glide through the process.

Goodbye Diapers, Hello Success.

Say goodbye to pressure and punishment, and hello to respect and empowerment.

Accidents Are A Good Thing. No, Seriously!

Master ways to turn inevitable misses into positive experiences. 

Happy Tushies

Pediatrician approved ways to effectively manage pooping problems.

More Tips For The Tricky Parts 

How to handle all those common potty training questions and struggles

 Here's What You Get When You Enroll

  • Potty Training Made Easy online course. Easy to implement, big-hearted strategies so you know how to handle all kinds of potty training situations with kindness and respect.. Printable PDFs, checklists, scripts, and resource guides.  


  • A 20-page Potty Training Made Easy Handbook: you can easily refer to this companion reference guide throughout the potty process.


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 Oh, and I have some extra gifts for you! 



"3 Reasons Why Toddlers Don't Need Traditional Potty Training" Mini-Lesson.

Do we really need to lead toddlers through toilet-training? Just think about it: did you have to teach your little one to sit, crawl, or walk? Not really. The same logic applies to potty training. This mini-lesson will show you how stepping back can be beneficial and why you should let your child take the lead in this major milestone.  



"Potty Training Scripts" guide. 

Know exactly what to say in every potty training situation. You can share this guide with all of your caretakers, so you're all on the same page. 



"My son was beaming with pride when he went back to daycare diaper-free." - Sarah 

My son was out of diapers in just a few weeks!" - Carl

I can't thank Dr. Cathryn enough for finally putting an end to our potty training struggles." -  Janet

"This course was a gamechanger. I've tried other ones but they didn't help. This is the BEST course. No, seriously!" - Caitlin

We Take The Overwhelm Out Of Potty Training!


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The Burning Questions I’m Often Asked

"I can't believe it only took 3 days!"

 - Nicole

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Watch your toddler transition from diapers to potty, calmly and confidently with our no-stress approach


 You’ve already tried once, but it didn’t stick

✔ You’ve heard the horror stories and want to avoid them

✔ Your doctor says not to worry… but doesn’t address your questions

✔ You’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice

✔ You’re not aligned with approaches that rely on punishment or pressure

✔ You want to be done with diapers but not sure where to begin

✔ You want a kind and respectful approach