Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 14

Toddlers Made Easy Ep 14 Time Outs

Do Time-outs Work?

Are time-outs truly the best way to tackle your toddlers’ tantrums?

Time-outs have been the go-to method for dealing with children’s undesirable behavior since the 1950s. 

From the age of two, most parents start considering what works and what does not. Many parents tend to worry about being too hard or too soft on their children, getting them to listen, or even messing them up. 

In this episode, I’m combining my years of first-hand experience with scientific research to discuss whether or not time-outs work, and if they do, at what cost. Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  •  Considering time-outs from a toddler’s perspective.
  •  How time-outs may influence children’s future behavior.
  •  How I dealt with my three-year-old son after he swept all his food to the floor at a restaurant.
  •  A problem sometimes associated with permissive parenting.
  •  What children are likely to learn from time-outs.
  •  Why toddlers tend to misbehave.
  •  The problem with time-outs.
  •  How to use time-outs effectively.

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