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How To Play With Your Baby
(newborn - 3 months)


an e-book for parents of babies, newborn - 3 months

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Get the tools you need to . . .

Help your baby meet their milestones

Understand what your baby wants and needs

Feel proud of your parenting

Stop worrying whether you’re doing enough

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This ebook is for
parents who. . .

Worry they’re not stimulating their baby enough

Feel guilty about not playing with baby every free moment

Don’t want to buy a lot of expensive toys

Are confused about what a baby needs

Wonder where to even start

BUY NOW ($19)

First Things First


Don’t worry . . .

You might feel guilty about letting your baby stare at the ceiling fan while you put your feet up for a few minutes. Or maybe you feel confused about how to support your baby’s mental development? You’re worrying about these things because you’re a great parent! 

You can support your baby’s development. How To Play With Your Baby will guide you. We’ll fill in the gaps with insider tips and tricks.

Don’t just take our word for it . . .

I stopped worrying I wasn't doing enough after reading this book. Now I'm enjoying playtime more and worrying less!

— Janet

This book reassured me that I don't need to be a child development specialist to be able to create a stimulating environment for my baby.

— Morgan

What a fun ebook. Simple and practical ideas that are easy to implement right away. Our days are so much more fun now!

— Nancy

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