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Whether you're up all night rocking your baby or freaking out about whether she's getting enough tummy-time, a new baby can make us doubt our abilities, question our sanity, and leave us obsessing about every little thing. That's why I wrote this ebook.


Spend just 5 minutes a day reading Newborns Made Easy and you'll eliminate the guesswork, calm your nerves, and boost your confidence. 


BUY NOW ($19)

Some days you probably feel like you're losing your mind.

(Trust me, things will get better)


As a pediatrician with more than 30 years of experience, I know you want to give your baby the very best start in life, and I'm here to help. I believe you deserve every opportunity to feel proud of your parenting.  

BUY NOW ($19)

This ebook gives you:

Clear strategies about how to nurture your baby's hungry little mind

Confidence. Your friends will be asking you for advice.

Clear answers to common (and not-so-common) concerns.

Easy-to-digest advice. Feed your baby with one hand and read the book with the other.

More time to enjoy your baby when less time is spent googling and worrying

Mini-but-mighty advice. I know you're one of the busiest people on the planet. So, I developed our content so it was easy to consume.

What happy moms have to say...

I love this book! It's easy to read and packed with pearls.


Reading this book saved my sanity. So worth the peace of mind!

— Melinda

There is so much information that I've never seen anywhere else.

— Debra

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