Nurture Hungry Little Minds
with Confidence

(newborn - 12 months)



you deserve to feel proud of your parenting

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A baby's brain grows
at lightning speed


Listen, I know you want to make the most of this precious time to help your little superstar shine. But it's not easy. . .

maybe you feel guilty about not spending enough time playing with your baby

or you feel pulled in too many directions

perhaps you feel like you've missed the boat?

Play Smart offers simple, practical strategies to help you raise a smarter and happier baby without wasting time, money, or energy!

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Play Smart makes nurturing development easy for parents who:


Worry they’re doing it all wrong.

Feel confused about what a baby really needs.

Are baffled by milestones.

Have run out of things to say or do.

Feel pulled in too many directions but also feel guilty about not doing enough.

Want someone to just tell them what to do and when to do it.



What happy moms are saying...

This little eBook is packed with pearls. Ever since following Dr Cathryn's advice, my baby is loving books...and I don't know why, but she's less fussy too!  What a relief!

— Ellen

(new mom)

I want to do the very best for my baby…and Play Smart is helping me do just that.  I've stopped feeling guilty about not doing enough. 

— Meg

(Sam's mommy)

This is a wonderful, parent-friendly eBook! I loved every page of it. I hope a toddler version is coming soon!


— Stella

(mommy of 3)

Get Month-by-Month Play Guidelines

From birth - 12 Months

Each chapter is short but stuffed with ridiculously-easy ways to help your little superstar shine.

BUY NOW ($15)

This E-book Gives You:


Pediatrician-backed advice. Expert guidance without the clinical language.

Long-term benefits. Give your baby the building blocks needed for future learning.

Easy to digest format. We know you’re utterly exhausted, so each section is short and practical.

Monthly milestone guides. We do the homework, so you don’t need to.

Proven results. Our methods are grounded in clinical research and a quarter century of real-world experience.


Take the mystery out of milestones and know exactly what to expect 

Appreciate and enjoy each magnificent milestone

Go from feeling clueless to  confident

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