Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 16


Did you know that toddlers cannot comprehend the concept of sharing?

Snatching toys and shouting “mine” is not a sign of selfishness in toddlers. It only happens because they have no idea what sharing is. Issues around sharing- or not sharing can cause a lot of uncertainty and embarrassment and may even lead parents to doubt themselves. That’s why we need to understand that toddlers are not being selfish when they fail to share. They are simply finding ways to understand the world around them.

Sharing is challenging for toddlers because they don't understand that separate individuals exist. That means they cannot see things from someone else’s point of view, which is necessary to know what sharing is. They also cannot fathom that some things belong to others, and their toddler's brains are still growing, so their impulse areas are not yet fully developed.

In this episode, I answer a question from a lovely mom and offer some helpful parenting tools to teach toddlers to stand up for themselves while also being kind and open-hearted. 

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Show highlights:

  •  At what age do kids start understanding the concept of sharing?
  •  What toddlers experience when they get forced to share early on.
  •  The first step to giving a toddler some direction around sharing.
  •  How to respond when your toddler grabs a toy from another child.
  •  The benefits of using sportscasting to help your child resolve their problems.
  •  What you can do when your toddler cries because they are not allowed to grab a toy from a friend.
  •  How to prepare your child at home before taking them to the park.
  •  What could happen when a child gets forced to share before they are ready?
  •  Some powerful lessons to guide your child.

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