Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 18


Did you know that treating siblings as equals fuels friction and fighting?  

Sibling relationships are complex. Observational studies have shown that  

some siblings fight as often as eight times an hour! Yet those relationships are essential for shaping children, and from a developmental standpoint, sibling rivalry helps kids figure out their distinctive qualities.  

Siblings support one another and learn from each other. But they also compete for their parent's love and attention. So when we strive for equality with our children, they will always tally up and try to figure out who got more than the others.

The more a child is validated and seen, the more secure they feel. In this episode, I focus on why children should be treated as individuals rather than equals and explain how treating kids as individuals improves sibling relationships.  

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Show highlights:

  • What happens when we strive for equality with our kids?
  • What happens when we treat our children as individuals?
  • What sibling rivalry is all about from the child's perspective.
  • The benefits of not trying to make everything fair, and focusing instead on treating each child as unique.
  • Why it is a good idea to make individuality a priority when giving your children gifts.  
  • Should mealtime portions be the same for each child?
  • What sibling fights may be saying about what a child is feeling.
  • Why it is essential to spend some special-focus time daily with each child.

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