How to Calm Tantrums


Did you know that you can reduce troublesome tantrums by tapping into what’s causing them? 

Toddlers’ tantrums can be wild, irrational, and confusing. So it helps to understand that tantrums are a normal part of a toddler’s development because their brains are still developing.

When a tantrum happens, the toddler’s right brain, which is the part that is emotional, impulsive, and tuned into non-verbal cues, overwhelms the left brain and takes control. Fortunately, your adult brain is balanced, and you can use it to calm your toddler down. 

Children cannot process anything when they are all worked up. So in this episode, I discuss the three phases of a tantrum and share strategies for managing toddlers' tantrums without losing your cool. Tune in to learn how to deal with tantrums in the present moment, and find out how and when to intervene to calm a tantrum down.

Show highlights:

  •  Why must we handle tantrums calmly?
  •  Why tantrums are likely as hard on your child as they are for you.
  •  When are toddlers more likely to have a tantrum?
  •  Ways to reduce your toddler’s tantrums.
  •  How to deal with tantrums in the moment.
  •  How and when to intervene to calm a tantrum down.
  •  The three phases of a tantrum.
  •  Things that could prolong tantrums.
  •  The benefits of pausing to allow your nervous system to calm down.
  •  How to teach your kids limits and help them move on after a tantrum.
  •  What to avoid doing or saying.

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