Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 21


Does your toddler’s extra-enthusiastic, energetic, and excitable temperament ever exasperate you?

Some kids are just naturally more intense, passionate, and emotional than others. Two-year-olds have limited self-control. So even though toddlers with big, exuberant personalities are delightful, their extreme enthusiasm can sometimes cause problems. They cannot restrain their energy, so their hugs and physical interactions can often be too much for other children to bear.

Today, I dive into the topic of excitable kids and answer a question from a lovely mom in Florida, struggling to discipline her passionate and hyper-energetic two-year-old who tends to come on way too strong with other kids.

Stay tuned to learn how to regulate the energy of your excitable child without crushing their personality or enthusiasm.

Show highlights:

  •  Meeting your toddler where they are at and having realistic expectations are essential.
  •  Some games to help your excitable toddler learn how to regulate their energy.
  •  Some strategies to help your excited child calm down.
  •  How does deep breathing help excitable kids dial things down?
  •  How to use play to model hugging appropriately and show your child how bear hugs can be confusing when too big.
  •  How to think about consequences that will teach your toddler instead of ways to punish them.
  •  Ways to cope with difficult situations in the present moment.

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