Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 22


Did you know that spitting might simply be your toddler’s way of showing their singularity?

Spitting is a pretty common toddler problem. It may seem gross to us as parents, but toddlers find it funny and love to watch their parents freaking out! That does not make them bad kids. They just enjoy feeling powerful. 

Developmentally, toddlers are starting to realize themselves as separate people, and seeing their parents get upset emphasizes their sense of individuality. An effective way to stop them from spitting is to help them find new ways of exploring their uniqueness and power.

Today, I answer a question from Rebecca, a lovely mom in Canada struggling to stop her two-year-old from spitting. I get into why toddlers tend to spit, discuss ways to empower your child as they evolve as individuals, and share some strategies to help you get through those challenging moments without having knee-jerk reactions you may later regret. 

Show highlights:

  •  How to remove the incentive for spitting while showing your toddler you are on the same team.
  •  Giving your toddler choices to allow them to feel independent.
  •  The benefits of creating a child-friendly room or space where toddlers can feel 100% safe and confident.
  •  How to deal with your toddler when they hit you.
  •  The benefits of staying on the same team when dealing with a difficult situation.
  •  What does it mean if your child laughs when reprimanded?
  •  What you will gain from using new ways to deal with tricky toddler moments.

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