Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 25


Did you know that encouraging toddlers to entertain themselves independently is essential for their evolution?

I have often heard parents commenting that they cannot get anything done because their children will not play without them. Yet, it is essential to understand that playing on their own helps children develop confidence, build resilience, and increase their problem-solving abilities. 

It is not hard to create a simple set-up for your toddler to play independently. But understand that if you have always involved yourself with their play, there will likely be some initial pushback. 

In this episode, I explain how to create an environment that reflects your child’s interest and how to encourage them to play there. I also dive into how long you can realistically expect your child to remain content playing on their own and habits to avoid that might discourage independent play.  

Stay tuned to learn what to do to encourage your child to play independently! 

Show highlights:

  •  How to create the right environment for independent play.
  •  How to encourage your child to spend some time playing on their own.
  •  How long can parents expect their children to remain content playing on their own?
  •  Some common mistakes we make that cause our children to want to play with us.
  •  Some things you should avoid saying because they might make your child think you are indispensable to their play.
  •  Tips to make things easier for you as a parent while encouraging your child to play happily and independently. 
  •  Some guidelines for preparing a safe and creative play space and encouraging independent play. 
  •  Where to start with the process of encouraging independent play.

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