Toddlers Made Easy - Episode 27

Would it surprise you to learn that pooping problems often prevail during the potty training process? 

Toddlers love routines and rituals, so changing them could upset your child and cause problems. When a child who pooped perfectly well in a diaper starts experiencing problems while being potty trained, something about the process is likely upsetting them. It could be due to fear or anxiety. It may be a need for privacy or better support. Or your toddler may be holding their bowel movements to maintain some semblance of control over their life.

Today, I answer a question from Gillian, whose almost three-year-old son refuses to poop on the potty, and dive into the confusing and sometimes overwhelming pooping problems that may happen during potty training.  

Poop problems can be stressful and challenging! Stay tuned to learn how to assume a no-pressure approach to potty training and help your child feel more comfortable about pooping on the potty.

Show highlights:

  • The most common reason for children refusing to poop.
  • How to teach your kids about poop and pooping.
  • Terms to avoid using during potty training.
  • What to feed your child to help keep their stools soft.
  • How my upcoming Potty Training made Easy online course will help you. 
  • How to assume a no-pressure approach to potty training.
  • Recognizing when your child is not yet emotionally ready for potty training.
  • Coping with constipation.
  • When to see your healthcare provider.


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