Meet Dr Cathryn

Meet Dr. Cathryn

 Do you feel guilty about not doing things right?

Are you too exhausted to talk, talk, talk . . .  play, play, play, play . . .  and read Goodnight Moon for the 700th time? Feeling pulled in too many directions?

I understand. 

I know you want to be a great parent. I also know you’re bombarded with advice about how to support your baby’s development. 

I’m a mom of four, a pediatrician with more than 30 years of experience, a trained midwife, and a two-time author. Just like you, I’ve had MY moments where I felt like a bad mom.

BUT . . .  YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT!! I know this because you’re here.

I created the Precious Time online course to give you a road-map to what a small human wants and needs to grow to his/her best self.