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Nurture Hungry Little
Minds With Confidence



Learn how to weave developmental experiences into everyday life 



Lots of practical do-this and then-do-that takeaways to save you time and money



Expert advice, research, and tips to support your baby’s learning during the most important developmental months

Fill the gap

Did you know ...


. . . 85% of brain development happens in the first 1,000 days of life. The problem is your baby won't be going to school for many years. Healthiest Baby fills this gap by linking brain science with effective play to help you make the most of this precious time.

Online courses


Precious Time
(make the most of it!)

For babies in the womb to 12 months

Encourage babies to grow into the finest version of themselves. 

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Precious Time: bite-sized version
(make the most of it!)

For newborns - 24 months


Encourage babies to grow into the finest version of themselves. (the bite-sized version)

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Play Smart

For newborns - 12 months.
Nurture your baby’s hungry little mind.

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How To Play With Your Baby

For newborns - 3 months.
Fold ridiculously effective boosting play into your everyday routines.

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Newborns Made Easy

From birth - 2 months
Parent like a pro.

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We know you’re multitasking, so we designed a course that can be consumed with your baby in one arm


Everything is clearly presented in a do-this and then-do-that format


You won’t want to play with your baby every single day. That’s OK! (you don’t need to!)

One last thing.


let’s get real here . . .


You’re already giving your baby a strong learning foundation because you’re a loving and responsive parent.

What happy moms have to say...

“ The audio course was a game changer!”

I don’t feel like I’m doing everything wrong anymore. After listening to Precious Time-the audio course, I realize there are many natural and easy ways to stimulate my baby. The audio course is just like Dr Cathryn’s insta posts—quick tips that really work. I’m a big fan!

— Kerry

“I’ve stopped stressing about every little thing!”

Dr Cathryn NEVER makes me feel guilty. Newborns Made Easy eBook is a fun little read. I’ve referred to it so many times. Knowing what to expect makes everything easier. The result? Family life is much more peaceful!

— Beth

“I’m smiling a lot more now!”

I’ve been using the play strategies and I’m having so much fun. I love watching my baby explore everything. I don’t feel guilty when she plays on her own anymore. No more guessing about what my baby needs!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

— Nora

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