Navigating Potty Training Problems

As a parent, you will be pleased to learn that pooping issues are pretty common during potty training!

Toddlers have a short attention span and buzz quickly from one activity to the next. They tend to use the potty much the same, so they sometimes don't sit there as long as they should.

Today I answer some burning questions from parents about potty training. I explain why toddlers may resist pooping and what tends to happen when they don't stay long enough on the potty. I also discuss constipation, how to avoid it, and ways to empower your toddler to use the potty. 

Stay tuned to learn how to encourage and prep your child for potty training!

Show highlights:

  •  Toni would like to know how often her three-year-old should be pooping. 
  •  What happens when your toddler fails to sit on the potty long enough?
  •  Why toddlers sometimes hold back on bowel movements.
  •  The difference between organic and functional constipation.
  •  When does functional constipation occur?
  •  Using the Bristol Stool Chart to analyze your child’s poop.
  •  Jillian wants to know how to encourage her three-year-old to sit on the potty.
  •  Ways to help your child feel comfortable enough to start potty training.
  •  Prepping your child for potty training.
  •  How you will benefit from taking my new Potty Training Made Easier potty training course

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