Public Tantrums: How to Handle Them Like a Pro


It can really be tough to manage those times when your toddler throws tantrums in public places! 

Raising a toddler is hard, and parents sometimes feel confused, overwhelmed, or embarrassed in certain situations. Public tantrums can be particularly challenging. However, tantrums are a natural and healthy part of a toddler's development. So it does not reflect poorly on your parenting skills if your child has a meltdown when you are out shopping or running errands.

Today, I explain how to manage those tricky tantrum moments like a pro when it feels like everyone is judging you. I dive into the innocence of tantrums and share some practical steps you can take to avoid public tantrums and keep your little one quiet and happy when you are out and about.

Stay tuned to learn how to remain cool, calm, and in control, even if your toddler has an angry outburst in a public place.

Show highlights:

  • Situations and places where tantrums are more likely to be triggered.
  • How to prepare your child for an outing and set their expectations for a play date.
  • How to involve your child when shopping for groceries.
  • How being mindful can help you avoid tantrums.
  • Use the acronym H.A.L.T. to remember common triggers.
  • How to prevent a tantrum when you sense one coming.
  • How to calm down and overcome embarrassment.
  • What you can do to ease the intensity of a tantrum.
  • Simple mantras you can use in challenging moments.

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