Avoid Picky Eating Habits

Pushing your child to eat more or specific foods may actually promote picky eating problems.

Dealing with fussy eating habits is one of the more challenging aspects of raising a toddler. It can be frustrating or sometimes stressful when your toddler refuses to eat the nourishing meal that you have lovingly spent time preparing. 

Today, I dive into ways to avoid picky eating habits. I suggest a better approach to mealtimes, offer strategies to help your toddler expand their diet, and share a new and more enlightened way of helping your little one develop a healthy relationship with food. 

Stay tuned to learn how to avoid unnecessary mealtime pressure and encourage your toddler to tuck in!

Show highlights:

  •  Adopting a no-pressure approach to toddler mealtimes.
  •  How to avoid unnecessary pressure and resistance at mealtimes.
  •  What are normal eating habits for toddlers?
  •  Changes in eating habits that tend to show up at around two years of age.
  •  Ways to respond to changes in eating patterns without promoting picky eating habits. (I dive into Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding.)
  •  Why should you think about your toddler’s food intake week-to-week instead of day-to-day?
  •  Some changes that you may need to make.
  •  Strategies to encourage your toddler’s food comfort level.
  •  A new and enlightened mindset around toddlers’ eating habits.
  •  Some strategies for introducing new foods to toddlers.

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