Overcoming Toddler Fears: Building Resilient Little Ones


Fears can be formidable for toddlers to face! Particularly so before they have formed the skills to express themselves fully.

Fear is a survival mechanism that protects us from danger. Yet it can be overwhelming and confusing for toddlers. Toddlers depend on structure and routine to feel safe, so when something unexpected happens, they may become fearful.

As adults, it is easy to forget how scary the world can seem from a toddler’s point of view. Fear is a perfectly normal part of any toddler's development. But even so, their fears can sometimes be exhausting, frustrating, or even inconvenient for us to cope with as parents. 

Today, I explore toddlers’ fears and dive into what you can do to help your little one manage and overcome their fears. Stay tuned to learn strategies to empower your child to accept their fears and make space to overcome them.

Show highlights:

  • Why do toddlers have fears?
  • How thinking around parenting has changed since earlier generations.
  • Why it is essential for children to feel heard and understood.
  • Why children must be allowed to feel all their feelings, including those that make us uncomfortable.
  • Things we should avoid saying to kids when they are fearful.
  • How to let your child know you see them and care about their feelings and fears.
  • Why there is no need for parents to offer solutions or rescue their children.
  • What happens when you negate a child’s feelings?
  • How to diffuse a situation when strong feelings arise.
  • How sharing stories, narrating situations, and talking about feelings helps empower children to overcome their fears.

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