Potty Learning Vs Potty Training: What's the Difference?


Picture this: Mom sees two and a half year old Johnny squirming and doing the I need to go pee dance. So she tells him to go sit on the potty. Johnny ignores his mom and a minute later he pees in his pants. Needless to say, Johnny's mom was irritated. 

Does this sound at all familiar? Pressuring a child to use the potty, well, it often backfires. It's like trying to brush a toddler's teeth while they clamp their mouth shut. Let's face it, nobody likes being forced or pressured into anything and potty training is no exception. So is a parent led approach to potty training really the most effective way to say goodbye to diapers? Let’s consider the power of a no pressure approach, why it's the game changer parents need, and how it empowers our little ones to conquer the potty journey! 

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