Screaming Toddlers: Why They Do It and How To Stop It


Dr. Cathryn delves into the piercing world of toddler shrieks and screams, a phase that's as challenging as it is common. We share a story that brings this issue close to home for many, discuss why toddlers go through this phase and present big-hearted strategies to manage and mitigate the high decibels. Our conversation covers the developmental aspects of why toddlers scream, from seeking attention to sheer joy, and offers playful and calming techniques to teach toddlers about volume control. We reassure parents that this is just a phase, often without any need for medical concern, and even share a hopeful anecdote about a child's transformation from family shrieker to professional opera singer.

This episode also responds to a heartfelt question from a listener named Martha, concerning her 2.5-year-old's anger expression. We navigate the tricky terrain of tantrums, advising on the importance of direct communication, validating feelings, and ensuring that toddlers get ample sleep for better emotional regulation. We wrap up with a reminder that big emotions are a healthy part of development and emphasize the value of understanding and allowing these feelings in a safe space. 

For those seeking to dive deeper, we point you toward our courses and invite you to submit your own parenting conundrums for discussion on the podcast. 

To access all the resources mentioned and learn more about the big-hearted parenting techniques we advocate, check out the shownotes, and join us again next week for more insights.

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