Why Kids Need Emotional Vitamins

Why Kids Need Emotional Vitamins

Parents often reach out to me concerned about their child's challenging behaviors, such as hitting, throwing toys, and not listening. They wonder how to manage these behaviors while still respecting their child and setting boundaries. If this sounds like you, then know you aren’t alone! This is a very common concern! In this episode, we are going to explore the concept of emotional vitamins and their importance in parenting. 

When we focus solely on fixing behavior problems, we miss the opportunity to prevent these situations from happening again. Emotional vitamins are small acts of love and kindness that make children feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. They contribute to good behavior by meeting the emotional need for love and creating a strong emotional foundation between you and your child. Emotional vitamins could be physical touch, kind and loving words, or quality together time. 

By incorporating these gestures into daily life, we can strengthen our bond with our children, boost their self-esteem, and create a loving and secure attachment. Remember, even the little things matter the most when it comes to emotional vitamins! 

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