The Problem With Punishments, And What To Do Instead

The Problem With Punishments, And What To Do Instead

Are you struggling with tricky toddler moments? Ever find yourself in situations where you think, "I can't do this"? Well, fear not, you aren’t alone! While there may be some things you can't do, there are plenty of other fantastic strategies you can use to navigate the ups and downs of parenting. 

We have all experienced those moments when tensions run high. Siblings are fighting, a toddler won’t give up their favorite toy when it's time for bed, etc. In this episode, I’m sharing the secret to calming everyone down, and seizing the moment to teach a lesson! You can give your child a do-over, turn learning into playtime, or simply have a quick chat. And guess what? You can even teach your child valuable strategies to handle problems and frustration. How amazing is that? 

Being emotionally supportive and nurturing does not make you a pushover. You're a superhero! You set and hold limits with kindness and firmness. You're the cool, confident family leader who knows how to strike that perfect balance. 

Keep up the fantastic work! You're doing an amazing job. 


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