How Toddlers Say, "You Hurt My Feelings!"

How Toddlers Say,

Feel like your toddler is acting out, or throwing more fits than normal, and you’re not sure why? Toddlers often lack the verbal skills to articulate their emotions, but they rely on us as their parents to understand and interpret their behavior. Sometimes this looks like acting out or throwing a “fit”. 

By asking the right questions and peeling away the layers, we can uncover the underlying feelings and needs behind their actions. It's important for us to recognize and validate their emotions, creating an environment where they feel safe and valued. This, in turn, strengthens the bond between parent and child.

Remember, even when your toddler is upset, it's important to acknowledge their feelings while maintaining firm boundaries. Building trust and emotional security with our toddlers is a rewarding journey that benefits both parent and child. Together, we can decode their behavior and unlock the superpower of understanding! 

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