7 Must-Dos Before Starting Potty Training


When you were learning to drive a car, did you just show up on the day of the exam?

No, you practiced and prepared for it in stages. Turns out the same approach works with potty training too. We know that prepping a child for changes or events can significantly reduce stress and increase coping skills. But we ignore or forget about this concept when it comes to potty training, which is probably one of the most significant events in a child's early life! Typically we tell our kids, “Okay today we are going to start potty training!” Or maybe we prep them a day or two before. But there is so much more to be done to make potty training easier for your child, and for you! Pre-potty training creates a smoother, easier, and really less stressful experience. If you are approaching the potty training stage, then grab a notebook pen, and let’s dive in! 

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